Friday, September 18, 2015


ADRIFT IN SOHO is a film directed and written by Pablo Behrens, based on a Colin Wilson novel of the same name published in 1961. It is produced by Pablo Behrens and Owen Drake. 

To be release online worldwide on June 2 2020.

ADRIFT IN SOHO is presented on a DCP file with Dolby 5.1 Surround. Duration is 109' long (1 hour and 49 minutes). Screen format varies between 2.35:1 and 4:3 or a single screen 2.35:1 in some cinemas.

Starring Owen Drake, Chris Wellington, Caitlin Harris, Emily Seale-Jones, Angus Howard, Olly Warrington and Lauren Harris. 

With William Chubb, Warwick Evans, Martin Calcroft, William Jessop, Anthony Burrows, Hayley Considine.

DOP is Martin Kobylarz.

Full cast and crew credits can be found on IMDB: ADRIFT IN SOHO.

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