Monday, April 11, 2016



Director and writer of Adrift In Soho and co-producer.

Pablo does photography and directs short films, some of which can be seen on For the past three years he has been engaged in the shooting and the post of ADRIFT IN SOHO.

Pablo has 25 years experience as a filmmaker in Soho having produced films and stills for UK advertising agencies, production companies and photographers. 

Pablo has worked in more than 100 productions, with virtually every production company in Soho as well as many advertising agencies. He has shot commercials and films in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Tunisia, Cuba, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina and all over the United Kingdom.

Pablo produced the feature film 'El Chevrole' in South America and now he represents Metropolis Films in London, LA and Moscow.

Pablo knows virtually every espresso bar in Soho. His favourite espressos are in Bar Italia and My Place. As watering holes go, The French House and John Snow are his favourites. A bite to eat could be anywhere: sushis at Sushi Eatery (a quick one in Wasabi, Istu) or a wholesome Italian meal at Princi or a more elaborate one in Little Italy Soho. For toasted Parma ham cibattas and fresh pizzas always Bar Italia. For cakes it has to be Maison Bertaux and Princi. As far as sit down dinners go it's The Ivy, Covent Garden.

Over the years and in different capacities Pablo worked for many great film directors, among them Charles Sturridge, Hector Babenco and Walter Salles; with advertising directors Paul Street, John Clive, Leonardo Ricagni and Roger Lunn; with music video directors Mary Lambert, Steve Barron and Dominic Anciano; with many advertising creatives; and also for huge film producers such as Saul Zaentz and Derek Granger; and with photographers Nadav Kander, Eve Arnold and Annie Leibovitz, among many others.


Leading actor in Adrift in Soho, playing the part of Harry Preston, and is co-producer of the film.

Owen is and actor-producer based in Los Angeles, California, known for Messina High (2015), Adrift In Soho (2019) and Transformers: The Revenge Of The Fallen (2009).

Pablo and Owen met at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014 where Owen's involvement was essential to get ADRIFT IN SOHO produced.