Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Reviews and media reaction to the film.

"Surrender to the cinematic jazz of 'Adrift in Soho'"

"A film with a wonderful sense of mood"

"Free-wheeling style makes the film special"

"Visuals and music make a dreamlike combination"

"Evocative, intriguing and chic"

"Captures the bohemian spirit"

"The movie is full of quirky exchanges and colourful characters"

"Clever, challenging and beautiful"

"Moments of exquisite cinematic beauty"

"Leads and supporters do an excellent job"

"Different, intelligent, engaging, challenging and miles away from the mainstream"

"Harks back to the true art of cinema verite"

"Informs, challenges and shocks in equal measure"

"The film never lets up"

"A descent from a gentle Bohemian laissez-faire to a sharper, more harsh culture of drugs and sex"

"I loved it"

"Vivid glimpse of Fifties Soho"

"Memorable and unusual"

"Behrens convincingly recreates three cinema documentaries"

"The link to Wilson's original narrative is seamless"

"Like Paul Schrader's 'The Comfort of Strangers'"

"James Compton-Street character has to be attractive, charismatic, dangerous, melancholic, a rake and a philosopher and actor Chris Wellington gets all dead right"

"The film has exuberance, vivid cinematography"

"The film carries through the lost world of fifties Soho"

"Pablo Behrens' new film beautifully captures the atmosphere of period and place in a cinematic style that is a homage to Truffaut and the French Nouvelle Vague"

"Chris Wellington really steals the show as the handsome sponger and Lotharios the charming but reckless and ultimately doomed James Compton-Street"

"I met Colin Wilson's son in the after party and said his father would probably have been pleased with the adaptation"

"The imagery is eye-catching"

"An inventive approach to Soho's centuries of history"

"A home for creative people who don't belong to anywhere else"


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